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An Introduction To Intellectual Property Law

An Introduction To Intellectual Pproperty Law

This book is intended to provide a practical overview of intellectual property law for students and practitioners. It is written very much with a practical view of the way the law is applied. It also highlights important legislative changes of recent years.

While this area of law is broken down into a number of discrete sub-headings – patents, designs, trade marks, copyright, confidential information and passing off and trade practices protection – there are a number of linking issues which give rise to the sub-headings being treated as part of a common grouping.

For example, in a general sense, each of the intellectual property sub-headings is concerned with the protection of ideas or the way that ideas are expressed. Without the protection offered, the investment of time and creativity in the development of ideas would have no secure basis. The intellectual property sub-headings give a means for protecting that investment by preventing the unauthorised use of that which is protected.

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