Footage of the artist John Bulun Bulun at work (1989)

John Bulun Bulun commencing the creation of a bark painting in Garmedi outstation in Central Arnhem Land which was used in evidence in the first of the Aboriginal copyright cases  - conducted in that year.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers of this film are advised that it contains the voice and images of a deceased person.

Indigenous Documents

The documents in this section are a comprehensive collection of original materials from a number of Indigenous copyright cases and related copyright activities in which I have been involved. They include affidavits, pleadings and submissions, and will hopefully be of assistance to those wishing to know “what happened” in the conduct of the trials and disputes involving claims of copyright and other rights in Indigenous artworks.


Blackman and Dickerson case

Some images from the Blackman and Dickerson case and a link to the judgment in the case.


Images from the Carpets Case

These images of aboriginal art are from the Carpets Case discussed in the article “Aboriginal Art and Copyright - An Overview and Commentary Concerning Recent Developments”