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Words & Law

I wrote this book because those ‘put down and underpaid persons’, as folklore or reality would have them, of whatever ilk - novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, copywriters, journalists – are doing themselves a disservice through being indifferent to, or ignorant of, their rights and the way in which the law deals with them. For most writers, no matter how successful, ignorance of the law as it applies to their activities is a luxury they can ill afford.

The law need not be completely impenetrable. Some of the basic concepts are not as hard to understand as you might think, with apologies in the case of a few ideas which remain difficult no matter how they are explained.

The discussion is illustrated with selected legal cases which demonstrate the principles at work.

This book is intended to chart the way for those who seek the shining truths about copyright, contract, defamation, and such concepts, as they apply to the activities of all kinds of writers. The discussion is not pursued in the manner of arid, boring legal text, but rather in practical terms. Law on the go, as it were.

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